Common Questions & Answers

What is Auction Logic?

Auction Logic is a premiere online auction software company that specializes in design, advertising and implementation of auction software into websites for a seamless auction experience for your bidders.

What are the features of Auction Logic?

Auction Logic has perfected the auction experience through our extensive knowledge in the industry...

  • Easy auction control through a custom content management system design for the most novice computer user.
  • Ad free experience for your bidders
  • No percentages, page fees, or auction fees ever.
  • Hosting on an industry leading server to ensure site speed and a great client experience while online.
  • Free SSL or secure site setup to keep bidder information confidential.
  • Support team to assist in the setup, implementation and ongoing support request you may have.

Does Auction Logic work on devices other than the computer?

Yes. Auction Logic will look great on mobile devices or tablets. Bidders will be able to easily navigate and participate in auctions from any device connected to the internet.

Why choose Auction Logic?

Price and Convenience! Auction Logic has combined years of online auction experience to provide our clients with a software like no other. Above all, these features are built in a way that the most novice computer user will easily be able take advantage of every feature our software includes by utilyzing our proprietary contant mangement system, the best on the market.

How much does Auction Logic Cost?

Auction Logic is incredibly affordable with full software packages starting as low as $169/month with no setup fee. That is it! We have no page fees or auction percentages ever.

What do I need to get started?

Just visit our Order Now page to get started!

  • Just $169/month with NO setup fees!
  • Configure Domain name nameservers
  • We setup your account & hosting
  • Auction Logic builds you a new website design
  • Create your first auction!

Initial Setup - Getting Started

How do I create a new domain name or sub-domain of my current website?

Auction Logic will request access to your domain's DNS records to make the appropriate revisions to configure your new auction software. Don't worry, we won't break anything!

How do I charge Credit Cards through my Auction Logic admin?

You can use or Paypal to accept payments. connects your Auction Logic admin to your current Merchant account and allows you to process payments through your admin panel manually or automatically.

Can I have franchises and use multiple Auction Logic accounts?

Yes - For an additional charge, we can help you setup up affiliates that can share the same bidder list. These affiliates can be managed and controlled by the super admin or owner of the site.

How do I get my website to say "Secure" in the browser?

We will take care of that! All Auction Logic sites are setup with an included SSL or secure connection.

What if I have additional questions or need immediate assistance with an issue?

The team at Auction Logic is here to help with any questions you might have and do our best to resolve any issues you might have in a timely manner. Just give us a call!