Manage Buyers

Quickly Help Add or Edit Buyer's Information

Your auction buyers will be able to enroll by themselves on your new auction content management system. In the event the you have a buyer that needs additional help changing their information or does not have the technical skills to navigate our easy to use registration section, you can quickly assist them in the enrollment process.

When a new user is registering on your site, the system will randomly generate them a strategic bidder number that does not run sequential to ensure that bidders and competitors can not determine the exact number of bidders on your site.
While in the 'manage buyers' section, you can quickly search for buyers using the search functionality to look up they name, phone number, address, email or credit card on file. With our easy to use auction content management software, anyone in the office will be able to assist your buyers in making revisions to their buyer profiles to help keep the bids coming in!