Auction Reports

Data Can Help You Run Your Auctions More Efficiently!

Our 'auction reports' section helps you quickly decipher the performance of both your current and past auctions while providing deep insight into every aspect of the auction process including individual item performance.

In our current auction reports you will get insights into your ongoing auctions that can help you make decisions in real time. You are able to see each items current bid as well the their potential highest bid. You can also see the number of bidders, the total dollar amount of winning bids, the number of watchers, and the bidder number of each winning bidder. You will even get alerts when a buyer spends significant amount of money so you can mitigate risk. With one click on the bidder number, you can access their profile to see all the bidder's pertinent details.

Once the auction ends, you can view all the final details of your auction. With one click of a button, you can send the invoices to each of the winning bidders, apply a manual payment on the item if you accept checks or cash or even charge the credit card the bidder has on file. All of the winning bidders information will already be populated and ready for you to quickly collect the clients' funds following your auction. Of course you can also review the final details of your auction and all activity.

You may want to learn more about an item to see the bidding history and how many active bidders were competing. Inside our 'item auction reports,' you will find all this information and more. If needed, this section will allow you to remove a bid that was maybe cast in error or edit a bid.